Free Benefit Mini Products (Worth £12.50)

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Free Benefit Mini Products (Worth £12.50)Sign up to Quidco today and claim a Benefit Mini product of your choice for FREE! You can choose any mini products worth up to £12.50 for FREE! Register for an account, navigate through to Benefit’s website, and when you purchase any mini products, Quidco will credit your account with £12.50

1. Join Quidco today, for FREE.

2. Once joined you’ll be sent straight to Benefit from Quidco, find and purchase ‘mini’ products of your choice.

3. Quidco will credit your new Quidco account with £12.50 by 7th May 2017.

Note: The offer may track in a little lower, but don’t worry the £12.50 will still be added to your account. Please only sign up for this offer if you are able to make the purchase as you won’t earn cashback unless the item is paid for first. New customers only.