Star Wars Rip N Go BB-8 (was £29.99) now £8.99 at Argos

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Found by millarcat

Elsewhere this is £29.97 at Asda George, £19.99 at Toys R Us, and £14.99 at Smyths Toys.

Star Wars Rip N Go BB-8 .... £29.99 would be a ridiculous price for this, but at £8.99 it's worth buying.

Launch into hyperdrive action with the Rip N Go BB-8 vehicle! With the Rip N Go B-B8 vehicle, it's easy to imagine the intergalactic adventures of the expressive ball droid and loyal friend to the Resistance! Just set BB-8 down on a flat surface, pull the ripcord, and watch BB-8 take off into total Star Wars action!